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    ARB Laboratory at Guangxi Univerisity brings together talented scientists devoted to advancing the reproductive biotechnologies that will launch reproductive and genetic progress in agricultural, veterinary and biomedical industries.

    We are one of the major groups in China leading in reproductive biotechnology research in domastic animals. We are one of the core research groups in State Key Lab for Conservation and Utilization of Subtropical Agro-Bioresource. Here we have the state-of-art research facility and provide a tremendous opportunity for bright students to be exposed to the world of scientific discovery. And we also provide education and training for researchers and students that are seeking careers in animal science. As a group we inspire each other, share vision for the future and how we are doing to benefit animal production and human health.


Germline Stem Cell Biology

To decipher the signalings of germ stem cell differentiation  and use of GSCs in production of genetic modified animals

Embryo Biology and Biotechonology

To explore the process of embryo development and advance the  reprdoction and genetic process via embryonic biotech like IVF or SCNT.

    Reproduction is the key biological process to continue living organisms on our blue planet. And regulation of gametogenesis, fertilization and embryo development are among the most intriguing biological phenomenon and largerly unknown.  Deciphering the underlined mechanism of reproductive physiology would not only help us to understand the cycle of lives, but also lead to development of new therapies and technologies to treat human infertility as well as to produce animal with desired traits of agricultural or pharmaceutical importance. Our research interests mainly focus on the following scops:


Reproductive Physiology

To undsterstand the echanism  underlined  the reproductive physiology  via omics  tools like  proteomics or metabolomics.

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