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LIANG Xingwei

PhD., Professor


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Research Interests:

Our research is focused on nutrition metabolism and reproductive biology.


Careers & Education

  • 2017/01-current, Professor

Animal Reproduction Institute, College of Animal Science and Technology,

SKL for Conservation & Utilization of Subtropical Agro-bioresource, Guangxi University

  • 2012/07—2015/11, Postdoc (Research Associate)

Department of Animal Sciences, Washington State University, Pullman, WA, USA

  • 2011/09—2012/07, Postdoctoral Fellowship

Department of Animal Science, Chungbuk National University, South Korea.

  • 2008/07—2011/09, Postdoctoral Fellowship

State Key Laboratory of Reproductive Biology, Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

  • 2005/09 – 2008/06, Ph.D

 Animal Reproduction and Genetics, Guangxi University,  Nanning, Guangxi 530004, China


Selected publications:

  • Liang X, Yang Q, Fu X, Rogers CJ, Wang B, Pan H, Zhu MJ, Nathanielsz PW & Du M. (2016). Maternal obesity epigenetically alters visceral fat progenitor cell properties in male offspring mice. The Journal of physiology 594, 4453-4466.

  • Liang X, Yang Q, Zhang L, Maricelli JW, Rodgers BD, Zhu MJ & Du M. (2016). Maternal high-fat diet during lactation impairs thermogenic function of brown adipose tissue in offspring mice. Scientific reports 6, 34345.

  • Yang Q*, Liang X*, Sun X, Zhang L, Fu X, Rogers Carl J, Berim A, Zhang S, Wang S, Wang B, Foretz M, Viollet B, Gang David R, Rodgers Buel D, Zhu M-J & Du M. (2016). AMPK/α-Ketoglutarate Axis Dynamically Mediates DNA Demethylation in the Prdm16 Promoter and Brown Adipogenesis. Cell metabolism. (*Co-first author)

  • Liang XW, Cui XS, Sun SC, Jin YX, Heo Y, Namgoong S & Kim NH. (2013). Superovulation induces defective methylation in line-1 retrotransposon elements in blastocyst. Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology 11, 69.

  • Liang XW, Ge ZJ, Guo L, Luo SM, Han ZM, Schatten H & Sun QY. (2011). Effect of postovulatory oocyte aging on DNA methylation imprinting acquisition in offspring oocytes. Fertility and sterility 96, 1479-1484.

  • Wang S, Liang X, Yang Q, Fu X, Zhu M, Rodgers BD, Jiang Q, Dodson MV & Du M. (2016). Resveratrol enhances brown adipocyte formation and function by activating AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) alpha1 in mice fed high-fat diet. Mol Nutr Food Res.

  • Sun SC, Wei L, Li M, Lin SL, Xu BZ, Liang XW, Kim NH, Schatten H, Lu SS & Sun QY. (2009). Perturbation of survivin expression affects chromosome alignment and spindle checkpoint in mouse oocyte meiotic maturation. Cell cycle 8, 3365-3372.

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