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LU Shengsheng

Research Fellow

Tel/Fax: 86-771-3238064


Selected Publications

  1. Zhu X.X., Quan S.N., Nie J.Y., Lu K.H., Lu S.S.(卢晟盛,共同通讯作者)Human glial fibrillary acidic protein gene promoter targets hepatic and pancreatic stellate cells in transgenic Bama mini-pigs.  Pakistan Journal of Zoology, 2016, 48(1): 235-240.

  2. Zhu X.X., Nie J.Y., Quan S.N., Xu H.Y., Yang X.G., Lu Y.Q., Lu K.H., Lu S.S.(卢晟盛,共同通讯作者).  In vitro production of cloned and transgenically cloned embryos from Guangxi Huanjiang Xiang pig.  In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology-Animal, 2016, 52: 137-143.

  3. Huang G.B., Quan L., Zeng Y.L., Yang J., Lu K.H., Lu S.S. (卢晟盛,通讯作者)  Role of linker histone H1c during the reprogramming of Chinese swamp buffalo (Bubalus Bubalis) embryos produced by somatic cell nuclear transfer.  Reproduction, Fertility and Development, 2016, 28: 302-309.

  4. Luo J., Liang M.M., Yang X.G., Xu H.Y., Shi D.S., Lu S.S.(卢晟盛,通讯作者).  Establishment and biological characteristics comparison of Chinese swamp buffalo (Bubalus bubalis ) fibroblast cell lines.  In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology-Animal, 2014, 50: 7-15.

  5. Liu H.B., Lv P.R.,Zhu X.X., Wang X.W., Yang X.G., Zuo E.W., Lu Y.Q., Lu S.S.(卢晟盛,共同通讯作者), Lu K.H.  In vitro development of porcine transgenic nuclear-transferred embryos derived from newborn Guangxi Bama mini-pig kidney fibroblasts.  In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology-Animal, 2014, 50: 811-821.

  6. Zhu X.X., Quan S.N., Zeng Y.L., Huang Y., Sun R.Y., Lu K.H., Lu S.S. (卢晟盛,通讯作者).  Efficient establishment of Guangxi Bama mini-pig transgenic fibroblasts via Xfect polymer transfection.  Romanian Biotechnological Letters, 2014, 19(6):9883-9890.

  7. Liu H.B., Lv P.R., He R.G., Yang X.G., Qin X.E., Pan T.B., Huang G.Y., Huang M.R., Lu Y.Q., Lu S.S. (卢晟盛,共同通讯作者), Li D.S., Lu K.H. .  Cloned Guangxi Bama mini-pig (Sus scrofa) and its offspring have normal reproductive performance.  Cellular Reprogramming, 2010,12(5): 543-550.

  8. Liu H.B., Lv P.R., Yang X.G., Qin X.E., Pi D.Y., Lu Y.Q., Lu K.H., Lu S.S.(卢晟盛,共同通讯作者), Li D.S..  Fibroblasts from the new-born male testicle of Guangxi Bama mini-pig (Sus scrofa) can support nuclear transferred embryo development in vitro.  Zygote, 2009, 17(2): 147-156.

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