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Yangqing Lu, PhD

Professor, ARBL Principle Investigator

Tel/Fax: 86-771-3274214


Website at GXU:!queryTeachInfoById.action?gh=FCEB45E6118B11E69C550050569949B5

Careers & Education

  • 2012.12 - Current, Professor

       Animal Reproduction Institute, College of Animal Science and Technology, 

       SKL for Conservation & Utilization of Subtropical Agro-bioresource,

       Guangxi University, Nanning, China, 530004

  • 2009.08 - 2013.08, Postdoctoral Associate, Visiting Scientist

       Regenerative Bioscience Center, University of Georgia

       Athen GA 30605, USA

  • 2004.09 - 2008.06, Ph.D

       Animal Reproduction and Genetics, Guangxi University

       Nanning, Guangxi 530004, China

Research Interests

    My reserch interest is animal reproductive biology and technology. Currently we are looking into the factors that facilitate the development and maintainance of embryo and germline stem cells in vitro and try to use these cell tools in gene editing and production of genetic modified animals with pharmaceutical and agricultural importance.


Selected Publications

  1. Lu Y.Q., Zhang M., Meng B., Lu S.S., Wei Y.M., Lu K.H. Identification of X- and Y-chromosome bearing buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) sperm. Anim Reprod Sci, 2006. 95(1-2): 158-64.

  2. Lu Y.Q., Liang X.W., Zhang M., Wang W.L., Kitiyanant Y., Lu S.S., Meng B., Lu K.H. Birth of twins after in vitro fertilization with flow-cytometric sorted buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) sperm. Anim Reprod Sci, 2007. 100(1-2): 192-6.

  3. Liang X.W., Lu Y.Q., Chen M.T., Zhang X.F., Lu S.S., Zhang M., Pang C.Y., Huang F.X., Lu K.H. In vitro embryo production in buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) using sexed sperm and oocytes from ovum pick up. Theriogenology, 2008. 69(7): 822-6.

  4. Lu Y., Zhang M., Lu S., Xu D., Huang W., Meng B., Xu H., Lu K. Sex-preselected buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) calves derived from artificial insemination with sexed sperm. Anim Reprod Sci, 2010. 119(3-4): 169-71.

  5. West F.D., Uhl E.W., Liu Y.B., Stowe H., Lu Y.Q., Yu P., Gallegos-Cardenas A., Pratt S.L., Stice S.L. Brief Report: Chimeric Pigs Produced from Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Demonstrate Germline Transmission and No Evidence of Tumor Formation in Young Pigs. Stem Cells, 2011. 29(10): 1640-1643.

  6. Lu Y., Mumaw J.L., West F.D., Stice S.L. Livestock Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells. Reproduction in Domestic Animals, 2012. 47: 72-76.

  7. Lu Y.Q., West F.D., Jordan B.J., Mumaw J.L., Jordan E.T., Gallegos-Cardenas A., Beckstead R.B., Stice S.L. Avian-Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Derived Using Human Reprogramming Factors. Stem Cells and Development, 2012. 21(3): 394-403.

  8. Lu Y.Q., West F.D., Jordan B.J., Jordan E.T., West R.C., Yu P., He Y., Barrios M.A., Zhu Z.Y., Petitte J.N., Beckstead R.B., Stice S.L. Induced Pluripotency in Chicken Embryonic Fibroblast Results in a Germ Cell Fate. Stem Cells and Development, 2014. 23(15): 1755-1764.

  9. Chen D., Chen M., Lu Z., Yang M., Xie L., Zhang W., Xu H., Lu K., Lu Y. Cholesterol induces proliferation of chicken primordial germ cells. Anim Reprod Sci, 2016. 171: 36-40.

  10. Zhang W.X., Zuo E.W., He Y., Chen D.Y., Long X., Chen M.J., Li T.T., Yang X.G., Xu H.Y., Lu S.S., Zhang M., Lu K.H., Lu Y.Q. Promoter structures and differential responses to viral and non-viral inducers of chicken melanoma differentiation-associated gene 5. Mol Immunol, 2016. 76: 1-6.

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