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Prof. Dr. Nasim Ahmad from UVAS Pakistan Lectured on Junwu Forum at GXU

Prof. Dr. Nasim Ahmad, Ex. Dean, faculty of veterinary science from University of Veterinary and Animal Science, Pakistan, attended the Junwu Forum of Guangxi University and gave an academic lecture entitled "Challenges and Opportunities in Buffalo Reproduction in Liaison with Pak-China” in State key laborat

ory of Guangxi University on the afternoon of September 12, 2018.

In his more than 35 years of research, he focused on improving the fertility of water buffalo (Nili-Ravi breed) and made outstanding achievements. In his research carrier he published more than seventy research papers in prestigious/ high impact journals having commutative impact factor about 81.801 and more than 1459 citations. He has been awarded the“PARC” as a “Scientist of the year: 1999”, on his Research Productivity allowance and also three times awarded by the “PCST’’ and finally he has been awarded by one of the highest honor as “President of Sitara-e-Imtiaz in 2008”. His spirit of continuous inquiry into animal reproduction and veterinary science is worth learning.

Before the report, Prof. Dr. Nasim Ahmad said that the scientific and technological exchange between China and Pakistan in the field of animal reproduction science will greatly enhance the young researcher’s scientific knowledge and skills on both sides. He clearly presented the current problems and challenges being faced in breeding of the Nili-Ravi buffaloes in Pakistan. Beginning with the importance of buffaloes, he summarized the breeding situations through the related researches on the reproductive parameters of male and female buffaloes. Meanwhile, summarizing his own research in more than 35 years, he presented his full confidence in the breeding development of buffaloes in China and Pakistan in the near future. Students and young scholars were fully encouraged. They presented their full opinions that they would make their effort to explore the the field of animal reproduction and more communicate with Pakistani scholars.

After the lecture, prof. Dr. Zhang Weiyu, the Executive Vice Dean of College of Animal Science and Technology of Guangxi University and Prof. Dr. Lu Kehuan, the head of the animal reproduction research group, showed their motivation for extensive exchanges with Prof. Dr. Nasim Ahmad on the development, management and personnel training of the reproduction discipline in the School of Animal Science and Technology of Guangxi University. Prof. Dr. Nasim Ahmad also warmly invited Prof. Dr. Lu Kehuan's team's teachers to attend the “International Buffalo Congress” in Pakistan being organized in February, 2019 to jointly promote academic exchanges between China and Pakistan. Finally, President, Prof. Dr. Zhang Weiyu invited Prof. Dr. Nasim Ahmad to attend the 90th anniversary of Guangxi University and hope that he would recommend outstanding young scholars to China to promote the common progress of animal reproduction between China and Pakistan.

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